Monday, 14 February 2011

Models Own - Pastel Collection

I recently ordered the pastel collection from Models Own, you get six polishes in their nail polish box sets on the website. Usually the nail polishes are £5 each, so if you were to buy these in a shop it would set you back £30. On the website you can get a box set for £20 which is a good bargain. Anyway, these are the polishes I got in the collection.

Starting from the furthest away we have Pastel Pink, Lemon Meringue, Feeling Blue, Fuzzy Peach, Lilac Dream and finally Top Turquoise. Here is what they look like on, each picture was taken with two coats of the polish.

Pastel Pink

Lemon Meringue

Feeling Blue

Fuzzy Peach 
Lilac Dream

Top Turquoise

I really like all the colours in this collection, they dry really fast and only need two coats to achieve a smooth, deep colour with no visible nail line (which I sometimes find with some pastel shades). There are other collections on the Models Own website such as Autumn/Winter collection which contain some greys, browns, and dark purples, Champagne Collection which contains light shimmery colours, Glitter Collection which contain six amazing vibrant glitters, and finally a 2010 collection which contains the six most loved shades of last year.

I think I will be trying out the glitter collection next! 

I bought theses polishes from 


  1. ooh they all look gorgeous! i'm tempted!

  2. Love that turquoise colour! Think i need to invest in some Models Own x

  3. I like that pale yellow. I haven't tried this brand before; maybe i should :)

  4. They're all gorgeous shades. I love Top Turquoise.

  5. I really love the "Fuzzy Peach", gorgeous colour! Just so you know, I have passed on a Blogger award to you:

    Love Hannah x x x x

  6. Oooo, they all look amazing! I still have yet to own a Models Own nail polish! Maybe one day! :)

  7. The lilac one looks lovely- perfect for both work and the weekend!xxx


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