Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Last Friday Night meets Models Own Feeling Blue

So I first tried out the sparkly blue polish from the Katy Perry collection OPI Last Friday Night a couple of weeks ago. I wasn't so sure when I first tried it out as I felt it was just too sheer for me, it was lovely and glittery, but the blue tone just didn't show through enough for my liking. Anyways I thought I would experiment and try this polish over another blue shade, here I used Models Own Feeling Blue.

I love the way this looks, I definitely prefer LFN over another polish rather than on its own, going to try other shades for the underneath colour other than just blue to see how that turns out. Have you tried any of the Katy Perry polishes? 


  1. Oooh this looks much better over something! :)

  2. I got the mini set at the weekend and couldn't wait to try it, I'm a bit sad that it's that sheer, it looks so beautiful in the bottle! I think I might try it over Lapis of Luxury :)

  3. Ohh, this is a great combo! I prefer Last Friday Night over another color, rather than on its own.

    Haven't tried any Models Own colors, but they are on my wish list. I wish they were available in the US.

  4. Hi JadeyLou - thanks for your comment, let me know how you get on with the mini set :-) I look forward to seeing what you experiment with xx

    Nicole - I have just posted a comment on your latest blog post xx

  5. Great combo! I haven't tried any Opi nail polishes but I would like to soon!

    Btw, thanks for the recommendation on the Clarins toner. I must try to get a sample! :)

  6. Just sent you an email. Would love to do a swap!

  7. Love that blue color! It's gorgeous and fashionable.

  8. This is such a lovely combination! I love your blue-sparkly nails! x)

  9. Hey, thanks for the comment on my blog :) I love yours.

    Love the combination of the two nail polishes, the sparkly is gorgeous :)

    Love Jo xxx

  10. Gorgeous! Just discovered your blog and its amazing:)

    Laura x

  11. Hi Popblush - Aw thanks hun :-) yes the toner is really good and you only need a little bit, so the bottle lasts ages.

    Anna - thank you :-)

    Sugar Sugar - Thanks very much

    Jo Woods- Thank you, I do rather love my sparkly polishes :-)

    Laura - Aw thankyou, that is really kind xx

  12. i've awarded you the versatile blogger award, you can go to my blog for details:)

  13. This is so pretty, love the combination :)



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