Monday, 31 January 2011

Nubar top coat 2010

I have a bit of a weekness for sparkly, glittery nail polishes and since I have let my nails grow to say I indulged in new polishes is a bit of an understatement.

I first heard about the brand Nubar via youtube nail tutorials and was on a mission to buy some bottles. I managed to track down the Nubar 2010 limited edition top coat on Amazon (for around about £8) and I love the stuff!

So pretty! It is a clear base packed with flecks of glitter, in normal light the the glittery bits just look clear with a hint of colour, but when the right lights catches it is just a rainbow of glittery goodness.

This top coat is great for layering and I discovered about 3 or 4 layers looks amazing, it just creates the most amazing effect. You can just use it on its own, but I think it looks best over the top of another colour. I set about trying different combinations to see how it would look.

3 coats on top of China Glaze Flying Dragon

3 coats on top of Collection 2000 Hot Looks in number 23 Show Off

Two coats on top of Barry M 47 Black

Two coats on top of Star Gazer in Neon Pink (number 104)

I love this top coat! I love how it can totally transform any nail polish, in different lighting it just looks incredible. I prefer it over a darker polish, I don't like it as much over the pink neon, I don't think it shows off its sparkles as much. Have you come across Nubar before?


  1. Hi,thanks for becoming a follower of my blog :)
    Love this nail polish and love the collection 2000 colour too.

  2. This is a gorgeous top coat - leaves a lovely finish on the nails! xxx

  3. Those are referred to as flakies just so you know coz they're not quite glitters!

    I have a GOSH one similar to this and I love love love it.

    Good for you for letting your nails grow a bunch of mine just broke. :(

  4. Hi BeautybyPaula - no problem and thank you for your comment :-)

    Rachel - Thank you and it was so easy to remove too!

    Bicky - Hi lovely! Hope you are well? Ah thanks for letting me know, yes I guess they are like flakes more that glitter! Kind of reminds me of Goldschl├Ąger spirit. :-)

  5. Mmm, flakies, so pretty. My motto for a while was "everything is better with Hidden Treasure" (a Sally Hansen flaky polish).


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